What Size Air Compressor?

Air ToolsWhen going through the process of buying an air compressor, there are considerations you need to make.  One of the most important is deciding on the size you need.

Air tools could include pressure cleaners, wrenches, nail guns, paint sprayers or many other types of tools.  Once you determine what tools you’ll be using, it will make your air tool choice easier.

CFM is an important rating to know when shopping.  CFM is cubic feet per minute of output and you need to know how much a tool requires.  When you know the CFM of a certain tool, then you’ll know the power you’ll need from an air compressor to run that tool.

Mini Air Compressors-  Most of the mini air compressors are used for small tools such as a glue gun and also are useful for inflating sports balls, tires, mattresses, etc.  These compressors usually don’t have a tank and run the entire time you’re using them.

Single Stage Compressor-  The single stage compressor usually has a rating of 150 psi(pounds per square inch of pressure) and is commonly used by the average do it yourself project person.

Two Stage Compressor-  These compressors will supply a great deal of power to run most air tools that you’d ever be using on a project.  They have 2 pistons which are necessary to store compressed air in the storage tank.

Another consideration is what type of power you’ll be using for your compressor.  For most home jobs, an electric outlet is fine.  If you’re going to be using your compressor away from home, gas might be a better powering choice.

Some compressors are oil free but my experience is these tend to wear our faster.  The oil lubricated compressors have a longer life but maintenance is required such as making sure the oil level is correct and that the oil is changed regularly.

I’ve done a review on the air compressor I chose.  It’s priced right, has high customer satisfaction and is perfect for most home projects.

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