The Portable Air Compressor- A Do It Yourself Necessity

If you’re a do-it-yourself guy like I am, a portable air compressor is a definite necessity.  When I first started doing projects, most of the tools I bought were cordless or corded pneumatic tools.

Many years ago I bought my first small compressor and one of the first projects I did using it was building a new gate.  I used a nail gun connected to the compressor and I was sold.  When it was time for the holidays or birthdays came around, my wife didn’t have a problem in choosing a gift.  Air tools was what I wanted.

I soon realized that making the job easier wasn’t the only plus of using air tools.  After buying my first portable air compressor(which didn’t break the bank by the way), I found that I was saving money.

Air powered tools are generally much less expensive than corded or cordless tools.  They don’t have a motor and contain less working parts.

These pneumatic tools also last longer because they don’t have a motor with a limited life.  They receive their power from the larger motor of my air compressor.

The other big advantage of not having a motor is they’re easier on the body, especially the arms.  The reason is they weigh less not having a motor.  This makes a serious difference especially if it’s a detailed job that is going to take a while to complete.  I think we’ve all experienced arm and neck pain after using a tool that didn’t seem to be that heavy a few hours ago.

Pneumatic air tools don’t have a small motor like the corded and uncorded tools.  This means that they’re running off of the large motor from the compressor.  The obvious advantage here is that instead of having very little power from a small motor, your small light air tools have more torque and big time RPM’s compared to electric tools.

If you’re having to change tools while doing a project it’s a breeze with air compressor couplings.  Another benefit is being able to inflate items around the house.  If you have kids, you can see how this can make you an instant hero.

When I bought my first portable air compressor, I bought a couple of tools that I used a lot.  As time has gone by I’ve added tools and recently bought a new compressor.  There is no doubt that using air tools with an air compressor makes your projects easier, more efficient and faster.

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