Keys to a Long Life for Your Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor can help make a project in the garage or shop much easier and definitely more enjoyable.  If you’re handy and a do it yourselfer, you may know a lot about air compressors but I’ve got some pretty good information that you may not be aware of when you’re using your compressor.

An air compressor is really pretty simple.  When the motor is turned on they turn up the pressure which is caused basically by the high pressure tank.  You simply attach your tool to the hose and run whatever tool you need to use.  There are many air tools that will run off of your compressor.

Basic care and maintenance of your compressor will make it run better and extend its useful life.  You can buy air compressors that don’t require oil but I never recommend them.  They don’t provide as much power and have a shorter lifespan.  Changing the oil is critical as is making sure that the oil level is correct.  Don’t forget to put a little lubricating oil in the hose couplings and in the tools you’re using with the compressor.

Something that many people don’t think about is running their air compressor on a surface that isn’t flat.  When you run your compressor and it’s angled, the oil doesn’t circulate as well to all of the moving parts.  Running your machine in this way will not normally burn it out but again it will shorten its useful life.

If you’re looking at buying a compressor, they come in many different types and styles to fit your needs.  Unless you’re using it on the job, you probably don’t need a large heavy duty unit.  The lighter portable air compressors can easily be moved around the shop or garage or transported in the back of the pickup.  Be sure to tie it down with a bungee or some other type of restraint.

The smaller units can run many tools that you often use in the workshop such as nailers and sanders.  However if you plan on using it to run larger pneumatic tools or paint sprayers, you should check out the larger air compressors.  Price will increase as you increase the gallon capacity and RPMs however.

I replaced my portable air compressor recently.  I did a lot of research and checked out user ratings on Amazon and other sites before buying.  I think this is a great resource as knowing what others experience with a certain model is very helpful information.  My Makita mac700 is what I settled on so have a look at my review.

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