Choosing the Best Air Compressor for You

You may be thinking about purchasing an air compressor.  If you are, there are a few good things to know so that you can choose the best air compressor for your needs.

You need to know how much air pressure you will be using.  Air pressure is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch.  If you’re trying to fill a flat tire, you’ll need a different PSI than you’ll use to run a paint sprayer.

CFM is the rate at which air will move into whatever you’re filling or tool that you may be running.  A high CFM could blow a tire before you could turn the air flow off.

How many tools are you thinking about running off of your compressor.  The best air compressors can run many tools at the same time but it’s possible you don’t really need that feature.  Decide what tools you will use and make sure that the air compressor you choose is the right one and can handle the power requirement.

Did you know that after many hours of use your air tools will leak a little air?  This will of course affect the efficiency of the tool so you might need a little higher air pressure requirement to run the tool at its best.

Another important consideration is the noise level.  A quiet air compressor will keep your ears from ringing after doing a job and also make the wife and neighbors happier too.  It’s a really good idea to know how insulated the air compressor you’re thinking about buying is.

I’ve found that customer reviews are much more likely to give you the facts you’re looking for about any product, and that goes for the best air compressor to fit your needs. has ratings at the bottom of the page for any product that you’re looking at.  It really gave me a heads up when I was looking at air compressors.

I found that the Makita mac700 air compressor rated very high with those who bought them and my experience is great too.  They are top notch.  Check out my review.

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