Air Compressor Maintenance- 6 Tips

Maintaining an air compressor really isn’t that different from maintaining any motorized tool.  It’s important to know what does need to be changed or replaced  so that your air compressor can give you many years of service.

  • Read the owners manual.  This is an obvious rule but you’ll learn something about your compressor and how to keep it running smoothly.  You’ll also want to study the manual to learn what you must do to keep the warranty current and in force.
  • Make sure the vents are open and clean.  You don’t want to put too much of a load on your compressor and making sure that it breathes easily is extremely important.  This is an easy bit of maintenance but will save wear and tear on the working parts.
  • Replace the air filter.  The air filter must be replaced after a certain number of hours(see your owner’s manual).  Like clogged vents, a dirty air filter will cause the working parts of your air compressor to break down much sooner than is normal.
  • The oil has to be changed regularly.  Changing the oil in your compressor is just as important as with your car or lawn mower engines.  Usually every 500 hours of use is a good rule of thumb.
  • Keep the nuts, bolts and screws tightened upAir compressors by their very nature vibrate quite a bit.  This vibration will cause a loosening up of your nuts and bolts.  Check them regularly.
  • Drain water from the tank.  As you run your air compressor, moisture builds up from the compressing of air and it will accumulate in your tank.  Open the drain valve and drain this moisture once you’ve released the air in the tank.  It only takes minutes and it will improve the efficiency of your motor.

The best air compressors can run for many years if maintained correctly.   Air compressor maintenance doesn’t take long but doing it will provide you with many long and smooth years of service.

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