The 2 Gallon Air Compressor: Perfect for Home Use

The most popular air compressor on the market today for home use is undoubtedly the 2 gallon air compressor.  These compressors are small, portable and light but still pack a great deal of pressure generating power.

These portable air compressors are small but still large enough to run many air tools.  When I was searching for a new home compressor, I wanted one that could do a heck of a lot more than blow up a flat tire or my neighbors inflatable raft.

The definition of a 2 gallon air compressor is that it has a 2 gallon tank.  The tank stores compressed air  and this storage capacity allows the motor to rest until more air is needed.  This extends the motor’s life and makes the air coming from the compressor flow steadily into whatever tool you may be using.

There are oil lubricated or oil free compressors available but I’d strongly recommend the oil lubricated models.  They generally are more powerful and the motor will last longer if maintained correctly.

The 2 gallon air compressor is larger than the mini compressors and therefore can power many more tools and applications.  The 6 gallon compressors are overkill for most of us that aren’t needing industrial use.

The difference in cost can be pretty substantial also.  The 2 gallon compressor I recently bought was less than $200.

The compressor I settled on is powerful enough for the projects I do at home and portable enough to throw in the back of the pickup.  I did quite a bit of research before buying and my air compressor meets all my needs.

It’s very quiet which is important if you have neighbors.  It’s also light and runs any of the air tools I commonly use in completing my do it yourself projects.

I chose the Makita MAC700 after reading professional and user ratings and rankings.  I knew it was the size and had the power I needed and the customer ratings sealed the deal.  Read my review of this compressor here.

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